About DGG goods notice from Cosco Line

According to China Freight recent news,The misrepresentation, concealment and misstatement of dangerous goods can have unpredictable and serious consequences, endanger the safety of life and property, cause huge economic losses and even affect the normal operation of the entire supply chain.

In 2017, COSCO SHIPPING actively cooperated with various competent authorities and seized many concealed reports of dangerous goods. Great achievements have been made in the reporting of concealed dangerous goods, and the responsible parties were held seriously responsible.

In 2018, COSCO SHIPPING will continue to keep concealment of anti-false declaration of dangerous goods and require all partners to strictly enforce the blacklisting system of dangerous goods and refuse to accept the blacklisted customers’ booking cargo. Large crackdown on illegal customers efforts.

In order to further standardize the declaration of dangerous goods and ensure the safety of transportation, COSCO Shipping reiterated once again that our company has released the client’s letter on September 8, 2017 and charged a breach of contract$10,000 for clients who misrepresented, concealed or misstated dangerous goods / Per Natural Box, and will be liable to the responsible party for all losses and costs suffered. The relevant terms and conditions have been added to our transportation contract and booking agreement, hope you can abide by the relevant agreements and agreements, to create a harmonious and safe environment for the transport of goods.

COSCO SHIPPING attaches great importance to the safety of the shipping fleet, ships and all customers in the delivery of the goods. We also hope to get your approval. Thank you for your understanding and support of COSCO SHIPPING. For more information and assistance, please contact COSCO SHIPPING local sales or customer service representative.

COSCO Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd.
January 12, 2018

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