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About DGG goods notice from Cosco Line

According to China Freight recent news,The misrepresentation, concealment and misstatement of dangerous goods can have unpredictable and serious consequences, endanger the safety of life and property, cause huge economic losses and even affect the normal operation of the entire supply chain. In 2017, COSCO SHIPPING actively cooperated with various competent authorities and seized many concealed reports of dangerous goods. Great…

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COSCO is building Terminal Logistics Park in Wu Han

Yangluo international port construction to add a new central level port operators. January 15, Wuhan Yangluo hot metal transport project and Wuhan Yangluo wharf project signing ceremony, China Ocean Shipping Group Co., Ltd. will invest 2 billion yuan layout of Wuhan, two years after the completion of the terminal and China Freight logistics park, which is ” World “one of…

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