China shipping news

According to latest China Logistics news, China Ocean Shipping Group Co., Ltd. is a large direct state-owned central direct-owned enterprises, is the world’s largest international shipping group. COSCO Shipyard Co., Ltd. Nantong COSCO built by Kawasaki Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. made the first complete with independent intellectual property rights of 20,000 TEUs on the 16th in the name of the delivery. COSCO SHIPPING also cooperated with our city on the Tonghai Port Container Terminal Project.

Lu Zhipeng expressed his congratulation on the forthcoming delivery of the domestic first 20000 TEU container ship produced by COSCO Kawasaki. He said that the first domestic 20000 TEU container ship is produced in Nantong, which is the pride of Nantong. In 2017, Nantong Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering reported a lot of success. A large number of enterprises, including COSCO KHI, made a significant contribution to the economic development of Nantong. Lu Zhipeng introduced COSCO Shipping Group guests to the achievements made in the economic development of Nantong. He said that in 2017, Nantong will not relax its construction projects and counties (cities) will catch up with each other and strive for the first place. The number of newly-started industrial projects with a net investment of more than 100 million yuan has increased substantially. Also reserves a number of good projects in hand, large projects, manufacturing development showed a good trend.

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